Michael Cosmas
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Nexus 435 Development
Nicosia, Cyprus

The project is situated on the Grivas-Digenis Avenue in Nicosia, near its commercial, administrative and cultural center. It consists of a 500m2 ground floor, featuring reception, lobby and meeting spaces and seven floors of luxury office space with areas ranging from 300 to 550 m2. Designed to carry some advanced energy saving electromechanical systems, the building offers a sophisticated ‘double façade’ feature, designed to allow the control of weather and noise parameters in order to offer a superior quality working environment. Office spaces will be lined with high quality materials, and will showcase unimpeded views of both Grivas-Digenis Avenue and the historical center of Nicosia. The ground level opens up to an urban plaza that sits on top of a three level basement with extensive underground parking facilities.

The project unfolds a continuous facade that materializes the responses of the architects to contextual parameters, into a seamless, coherent entity. This ‘façade mechanism’ registers a variety of design intentions, such as the formal gestures intended to respond to the proximity of the urban node, the geometric adjustments to the idiosyncrasies of the plot, and the calibration of the form to accommodate local planning rules. The building assumes a differential relationship with the plot’s context/ parameters, delivering intriguing, varied and dynamic formal and programmatic relationships.

The internal spatial syntax of the building has been developed based on a theory which presents flexibility -all levels can accept different arrangements, division layouts and uses – but without resorting to uniformity, instead developing conditions of ‘heterotopy’, where the formal articulation of the building predisposes but does not fix specific programmatic provisions or uses.

Architects: Michael Cosmas Architecture
Project Architect: Michael Cosmas
Team: Antonis Antoniou, Hristina Armosti, Iro Demetriou, Christos Fytillis, Theodora Papanastassiou, Nassos Philippou.

Structural Engineering: EPS/ Nicos Kalathas
Façade Engineering: MDE Engineering
Mechanical Engineering: MELTEC
Electrical Engineering: MELTEC
Lighting: LUCE Ataliotes


Project under development.