Michael Cosmas
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Rabel Aluminium Ltd, Storage Facilities
Nicosia, Cyprus

The project is situated in the Strovolos Industrial Area, 500m from the newly developed Nicosia Mall area. It consists of a basement  area made in reinforced concrete, and two high ceiling steel frame floors for the storage needs of a dynamic company dealing in aluminum product imports and assemblies. The brief called for large open plan storage floors that would allow for maximum configuration storage flexibility, while also incorporating the potential for the building to occasionally showcase both products and processes to the ‘aluminum trade’. This dual capacity of the building, led to the design of a ‘façade system’ that through a series of gestures, generates a variety of zones in the interiors, while subtly modulating environmental and bioclimatic parameters.

The project builds on the idea of a simple structural frame that is both economical and allows for configuration flexibility. This subsequently attains complexity through the attachment of a ‘facade system’ which subtly registers and reflects the programmatic variations of each of the floors. The façade system manages to transform the mundane orthogonal structural set, into an intriguing, varied and dynamic building.

Architects: Michael Cosmas Architecture
Project Architect: Michael Cosmas
Team: Antonis Antoniou, Iro Demetriou, Michael Photiou.

Structural Engineering: EPS/ Nicos Kalathas
Mechanical Engineering: E-mech
Electrical Engineering: Electroproject
Lighting: n/a


Project under development.