Michael Cosmas
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House 17
Nicosia, Cyprus

The project, situated in the hills overlooking the Strovolos area of Nicosia, serves as a family home to a couple and their three young children. Made in reinforced concrete and lined with thermally insulated brick walls, this 300m2 house was designed to adapt both to the linearity of the plot and  its topographical idiosyncrasies. The house develops on two levels, with the ground floor carrying the living spaces in a largely open-plan arrangement, while the upper level accommodates four private rooms, one each for the couple and their three children. Main living spaces and master bedroom were positioned to take advantage of dramatic vistas towards the city of Nicosia and the Pentadaktylos mountain range beyond. The basement carries ancillary spaces, as well as the mechanical room for the house’s pioneering solar heating system.

The structure develops a differential relationship with the plot’s topography, offering an intriguing, varied and dynamic relationship with the outdoors. Certain zones offer direct access to the outdoors, whilst others are either hovering over, or are submerged into the plot. This relationship to the outdoor areas changes further with the use of large sliding glass openings, which as is the case of the retractable pieces set in the patio found in the south-eastern side of the house, can fully blur the boundaries of the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Architects: Michael Cosmas Architecture
Project Architect: Michael Cosmas
Team: Antonis Antoniou, Iro Demetriou

Structural Engineering: EPS/ Nicos Kalathas
Mechanical Engineering: Mecone
Electrical Engineering: Mecone
Lighting: Dimco


General Contractor: P.Kourris & Son Contractors


Project Completed 2010