Michael Cosmas
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Private Residence, Limassol
Limassol, Cyprus

The project was commissioned to investigate the possibilities of the rehabilitation of a 100 year old Listed building on the Limassol waterfront, in order to accommodate the needs of a young family while also adding office and entertaining facilities for the entrepreneurial owners.  The project proposed a sensitive restoration of the historical structure, and added a 300m2 addition made almost entirely of exposed reinforced concrete. Living and entertaining spaces, as well as an office and a library, would reside in the existing building, while the addition would carry a gallery like living space, and a wing with four bedrooms. Existing structure and addition were designed to develop a formal and programmatic symbiosis, through which a new domestic environment is generated, articulated around a new garden courtyard, with pool and entertainment facilities. Access to the new structure’s roof allows for further dramatic vistas towards the Mediterranean.

The differential formal and programmatic relationships that the two distinct structures develop, offer intriguing, varied and dynamic spatial and programmatic conditions. Programmatic loops can be encouraged or diverted through the use of alternate continuities or discontinuities between spaces, while the relationship of indoor spaces to the outdoor areas changes relationships further through the use of large sliding glazing elements that in some occasions can fully blur the boundaries between inside and outside.

Architects: Michael Cosmas Architecture
Project Architect: Michael Cosmas
Team: Rui Santos, Michalis Pavlides

Structural Engineering: EPS/ Nicos Kalathas
Mechanical Engineering: E-mech
Electrical Engineering: Electroproject
Lighting: n/a


Project under development.