Michael Cosmas
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Teacher's Association Cultural Centre Competion
Nicosia, Cyprus

The competition brief called for a new 1500m2 building for the Cyprus Teachers Association. The proposal envisioned a building that would be able to carry the required program intelligently, by offering dynamically flexible and reconfigurable spaces, but at the same time develop a rich spatial complexity, avoiding homogeneity. Ground floor spaces carry a public character, and include a generous lobby, a press conference facility and a library, articulated in an L shaped form. The upper level rests on the articulated form and carries office space.

The proposal built on the idea of a simple structure that unfolds to respond to programmatic and spatial parameters, while effectively shaping the relationship of interior spaces to the outdoors, while responding to and regulating environmental conditions.

The internal spatial syntax of the building has been developed to present flexibility - both levels can accept different arrangements, division layouts and uses – but without resorting to uniformity, instead developing conditions of ‘heterotopy’, where the formal articulation of the building predisposes but does not fix specific programmatic provisions or uses.

Architects: Michael Cosmas Architecture
Project Architect: Michael Cosmas
Structural Engineering: EPS/ Nikos Kalathas
Mechanical Engineering: n/a
Electrical Engineering: n/a
Lighting: n/a