Michael Cosmas
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GPA Contemporary Living
Nicosia, Cyprus

The project is situated in the eastern side of Nicosia, in close proximity to the University of Cyprus campus. It consists of a continuous, seven level ‘U’ shaped form with a sloping roof that hovers over a plinth element gently delimiting an activity plaza. The building typology allows the client, an entrepreneur come property developer, to ‘configure’ the building in a number of ways (to meet changing market demands), with individual ‘modules’ being able to work as 2-bed apartments, split to produce two studio student units, or combine vertically to produce duplex ‘work-live’ apartments. All apartments – the current configuration carries 96 apartments of various sizes - are flanked by a generous linear veranda system that allows use of the outdoors, while also working as a configurable shading device.

The project builds on the idea of a simple orthogonal structural frame that is both economical to erect and allows for configuration flexibility. The attachment of the suspended ‘veranda frame system’ to each of the long sides, a system that registers and reflects the programmatic variations of the each of the units, transforms the mundane orthogonal structural set, into an intriguing, varied and dynamic façade. The relationship of interior spaces to the outdoor -all living spaces are connected to verandas- further enhances the programmatic animation of the façade, with the use of large sliding glass openings fully blurring the building’s spatial boundaries.

Architects: Michael Cosmas Architecture
Project Architect: Michael Cosmas
Team: Antonis Antoniou, Nasos Philippou, Rui Santos

Structural Engineering: EPS/ Nicos Kalathas
Mechanical Engineering: E-mech
Electrical Engineering: Electroproject
Lighting: n/a


Project under development.